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  • Snowflake Community: Tap into a global network of data professionals, explore user forums, join a user group, and become a Data Superhero.
  • Snowflake Support: Get access to the knowledge, expertise, and guidance you need to leverage the Data Cloud.
  • Education and Training: Take advantage of Snowflake’s many instructor-led training classes, on-demand courses, and professional certifications to help you and your team excel.
  • Professional Services: Shorten your time to value, mitigate risk, and get up and running successfully on Snowflake.
  • Kent Graziano

    Chief Technical Evangelist

  • Leith Darawsheh

    Snowflake Community Senior Manger

  • Angus Klein

    VP of Global Support

  • Deb Kiaaina

    Sr. Director, Global Strategy and Programs

  • Cassie Wallgren

    Sr. Director, Educational Services

  • Joanna Johnston

    VP, Professional Services