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Uncover Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Company Events


The dataset is built using Accern’s AI Platform to uncover opportunities and risks hidden around the Economic, Social and Governance (ESG) behavior of a company. The ESG signals are detected from massive volumes of unstructured content from a global collection of public news and blog outlets. It has been shown that a company’s ESG exposure can often have material impacts on its value.

– History from Dec 2014
– US Companies
– Companies are mapped using Bloomberg FIGIs and Tickers.
**Events and Company coverage can be extended if required**

ESG Events Covered:
– Environment (EPA, Clean Ecosystem, Carbon Footprint, Climate Change)
– Social (Workplace Health & Safety, Human Rights, Community Relations, Misconduct, Civil Society, Labor Union)
– Governance (Reorganization, Position, Executive Compensation, Compliance, Corporate Events, Audit Committee)

Accern’s ESG NLP model has been trained to understand the mentions of ESG events in text documents and uses Accern’s knowledge graph. The model identifies only highly relevant articles and passages that contain discussions of ESG issues. For each passage, the model then computes an ESG sentiment along with a number of other analytics (

Key Fields:
A full data dictionary can be found (

Use Cases:
Financial services institutions (i.e. Banks, Insurance, and Asset Management Firms) can use the dataset to improve their investment idea generation, analysts’ research efficiency, compliance, and risk or as part of a quantitative investment strategy.

Alpha testing and building systematic trading strategies
The ESG signals can be combined with other market data to forecast equity returns, prices, volatility, or changes in balance sheet KPIs. Customers can create the predictions using Accern Forecasting engine ( or other machine learning platforms.

Due Diligence
The signals can be used to identify and monitor for outliers and understand a company’s ESG behavior across time, relative to peers, and its impacts on your portfolios.

Improving their research efficiency
The ESG Signals allow you to cut through the noise and optimize your time. You are able to quickly identify notable trends before they may impact a company’s financial position or reputation.

About the Provider:

Accern accelerates AI workflows for enterprises with a no-code development platform. The best data teams from the world’s leading organizations, such as Allianz, IBM, and Jefferies, are using Accern to build and deploy AI solutions powered by our adaptive NLP and forecasting features. Headquartered in New York, NY, Accern is a Forbes 30 Under 30 company and venture-backed by Fusion Fund, Allianz Life Ventures, and many others. For more information on how we can accelerate AI adoption for your organization, visit

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