Datavant: Mortality in U.S.

Contains reporting of deaths in the United States


This mortality dataset contains reporting of deaths in the United States and is based on data from government and private sources.

Dataset includes:
– 75% of ongoing deaths in the U.S as reported by the CDC
– 90% of historical deaths

Fields include:
– Date of birth and month of death
– Death verification
– Sex
– State
– Sex probability score
– Field operation (ADD, DELETE)
– Tokens

Potential use cases:
– Monitoring real-world survival outcomes in oncology, COVID-19, and other disease areas
– Deaths by geography and sex

About the Provider:

Datavant’s mission is to connect the world’s health data. Our solutions are used by leading healthcare organizations to protect, share, and match data. Our technology enables organizations to link de-identified data at the patient level, enabling deeper insights and understanding while protecting patient privacy.

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